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Our networking and wireless installations are here to help increase the productivity, accessibility and flexibility of your operations





Target IT can supply all types of network connectivity; ranging from structured cabling to Wireless, Internet (ADSL, Fibre, Leased-Line) and even Powerline Ethernet. We work hard to make sure we can provide you with the fastest connectivity posssible at your location. By working closely with our Partners we can make sure you get the best Internet, and that it is supported by knowledgeable Engineers - both here and at our ISP Partners.

Our networking installations include:


• Wireless networks

• Structured cabling

• Fibre optics

• Power line networking

• RF links

Managed  Networks

Benefits of a managed network include:


• Maximum flexibility and visibility

• Seamlessly intergrated with wired network

• Wide coverage area

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Complete Connectivity and Super-fast Broadband

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Networking and Wireless

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